The Women & Families Resource Centre (WFRC) is a registered charity based in Wolverhampton which supports, provides services, develops programs, empowers and advocates for women and children. Our main aim is to facilitate the integration of women into the community whilst empowering them to identify their own needs, create their own solutions and make their own choices so that they have lasting improvements to the quality of their life. We adopt a holistic (One Stop Shop) approach for the delivery of a range of services that we provide. Our services are free to any woman or child, regardless of race, culture or religion who is facing similar barriers or problems.

We help women discover their inner strength and confidence through information, assistance and support. Our desire is that every woman be empowered to enjoy stability and fulfilment in every area of their life.

We inspire, encourage and motivate women to overcome barriers and reach their full and true potential. Furthermore, in all we do we seek to prevent exclusion by bringing families and communities together to build bridges, understanding and respect between them.

Please take the time to look around this website, hopefully you will find lots of helpful information. You can also find out about the workshops, events and activities that we run. You may send us your comments and suggestions by emailing us, send us a letter, or by visiting us personally. Our contact details are found on the contact page. Please like us on face book, follow us on twitter and other media channels.

Our Vision

A diverse, tolerant and inclusive British society where each woman and child is empowered to fulfil their full potential regardless of background to reach their goals and dreams as equal and contributing members of the society.

Our mission is to develop, support and maintain policies, programs, projects and activities that inform, educate, empower and celebrate women, children, their families and their communities. We aim to actively encourage women to be self- reliant, through empowering them to identify their own needs, make their own choices and create their own solutions.