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    We invite you to be part of our efforts to make a difference.

    Become a Volunteer...

    As a non-profit charity, volunteers are essential to the progress and capacity building of WFRC. Volunteering is a two-way process. Not only do volunteers contribute to the work of AWS, but they can also get something in return. Volunteering offers an excellent opportunity for you to meet new like-minded people, learn and develop your skills, to gain new experiences and engage with your local community. If you want to make a contribution to your local community, contact us today.

    Our bimonthly meetings are usually held at the Bushbury Triangle, Stanley Road, Wolverhampton where members participate in a wide range of discussions, demonstrations, and often share delicious food from various African countries. We welcome all African women, their families and friends. Our general communication language is English. You are invited to participate as a guest at our meetings or events until you make the decision to become a member.


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