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The power of recognition is now in your hands!

Is there an amazing woman out there who deserves recognition?

The All Women Achievers Awards is a fantastic opportunity for women from all walks of life, across ethnicities and communities in the UK to be acknowledged; particularly those who have had to overcome adversities such as financial constraints, social disadvantages or skill gaps to become positive role models in their communities.

So do you know someone who needs a pat on her shoulder? You are welcome to nominate yourself or if you know someone special who deserves to be recognized then this is your chance to let us know about her……

That woman may have:

  • Strived to achieved their life goals while overcoming a host of hurdles;
  • Gone on to better their lives, even when everyone else was saying they would fail;
  • Fought for what is right and achieved what she set out to do;
  • Worked hard to create a business from scratch and is still thriving;
  • Created opportunities for women to succeed in life - personally and professionally;
  • Achieved success (personal or professional) when faced with real adversity;
  • Kept their families together when faced with hardship/tragedy through sheer hard work and determination.

In essence, we want to recognise ordinary women who do extraordinary things be it in their home, in the area they live in or in the work that they do.

The benefits are:

  • Formal recognition for the work and achievements of the recipient
  • An enhanced profile and reputation for the recipient
  • Increased awareness of the work the recipient has undertaken

“Whether they win the award or not, the nomination itself will mean so much to that woman.”

We also seek to honour community organisations/ charities/ associations which are making a big difference in the UK. Please circulate to your contacts and do not hesitate to contact us to request a nomination form.

Help us make a difference today.

Be part of something great.